IPUservices.com members don’t waste your time refreshing the download page or check the forums

Yesterday IPUServices.com sent an email to all members indicating that they’re still working on the software and there isn’t an estimate date. Despite the facts that in the forums people are getting very angry at the broken promised that the software would release ontime, but it has been weeks delay now, and as of yesterday for sure there isn’t a release date set for it. So for all of you IPUServices.com, it is best that you wait for the email from IPUServices.com that would indicate the software is ready for download production version that is for you to make the money.

Don’t waste time checking the forum or refresh the download page of IPUServices.com they will email you when it’s ready. Yes indeed this sparked a lot of speculation and with reasons indicating it’s a scam, scam in this case, the owner got all the money from Division Managers, Regional Managers, and so on and so forth, he’s making more than $70K by now, and most of it he pocket, as we don’t see he or she putting that money for development of the software, if he did then it’s junk programmers, one person team or even himself, or oversea folks cheap labor. Some speculation makes sense, some are just wild. But – the bottom line, just lay low and wait for the email, could be end of this month but mostly like several months later.