IPUServices.com sent an email to all users to download but it’s another misleading email

The VERY MOMENT this software goes live/starts earning, the Price for Division Accounts will increase to $250, and Regional Accounts will increase to $150. Standard will always remain free.

The above quote, speculation indicated how this site making money, by tricking its users members to register as regional or division manager and paid, this is how they make money.

I’m sure by now if you’re registered to IPUServices.com should have received similar email below. The subject of the email is exciting, but as you read through the email and would find out that it’s another misleading email, meaning that it’s not straight to the point nor transparency. Furthermore, not too many users can download if at all anyone can download to test. When people tried to download, they will get messages indication new version coming soon, that’s it, cannot download. The forum is still down, and probably will be down for a long time if it will be back on again, obviously due to the large # of members feedback all negative which is the facts and apparently the owner whoever he or she is TheBoss maybe want to show everyone that he is in control, nothing anyone can do, he can shut it off anytime he want, he can take your money and run away anytime, he can banned you anytime he want, he already prove his position as boss, a jerk to be exact cannot handle member’s true feedback as clearly indicated. However the good news is, IPUservices still communicating time to time although lied and missed its schedule multiple times, and now shut down the forums, but looks like its working on the software, no one know really what that software does to make a couple dollars a day depend on your computer IDLE processors, many speculated that it mining litecoin or other similar activities.

Here we are – The final version before we all start earning. This format is for the most part final. It IS BETA for as long as it takes for everyone – you – to point out errors & changes needed.

You must read thru this entire email before taking any action on your computer. Read all of it, twice if you have to, before making changes to your computer.

1. Use windows option to remove current version of our software from your computer. Remove shortcuts, etc. Remove very 1st version (an exe) if you have it installed.

2. Re-Boot the machine – all the way off & on again

3. Software will be ready for download within 18 hours – www.ipuservices.com/downloads.php. Download and install it. Choose to start Process. (DO NOT contact us saying it is not available – simply try again later)

4. You will be presented with a login screen – Username and Password. You should only have to enter this one time, and never again. Do this, then hit “enter”

5. Congratulations! You are in!

6. First Tab – Specifications – this is all the information regarding your computer. The earnings potential of your machine is largely based on the data found on this screen

7. Second Tab – Earning Potential – You will see two graphs. The first displays the % of time that your computer was turned on in the previous 24 hours. The second graph displays the % of idle time your computer had over the previous 24 hours.

Power Matrix Rating – this is a number between 0 and 100, 0 being a rock, 100 being a bank of Cray Supercomputers. This number is determined by the overall power of your machine.

Maximum Possible Earnings On This Machine – If left on and idle 24 hours a day, this is what your computer would earn.

PLEASE NOTE – It will take 24 hours for the software to determine a 24 hour average. Figures will adjust over the first 24 hours that the software is installed. DO NOT contact us regarding figures shown in the software until after 24 hours have passed

8. Third Tab – Your Performance –

Average Daily Earnings (Yourself) – an average of the past 7 days, taking into consideration your Power Matrix, Idle Time, and On Time.

Average Daily Earnings (With Downline) – an average of the past 7 days, taking into consideration your Power Matrix, Idle Time, On Time, your membership status, and all of your downline’s Average Daily Earnings.
(Note – This is why you should be buying, stealing, begging for every possible referral you can at this point – your earnings with referrals is SIGNIFICANTLY larger than if you go it alone)

MAXIMUM Daily Earnings for You With All Referrals – What you would earn, daily, if you and your entire downline were on and idle 24/7.

Total Earnings – Right now, this will show what you have earned by referrals and upgrades. Once this software leaves BETA stage, your daily earnings will also be added here.

My Downline – How many referrals you have on all levels.

9. Fourth Tab – Account – currently shows your personal data, and gives you the choice to NOT automatically start with Windows. Default is that the software starts with Windows

Previous suggestions we are NOT implementing at this time –

1. A sliding scale, dictating how much of the computer power to use. “Idle Computer” – our software will use as much as needed as long as your system is idle. Our software IMMEDIATELY shuts down if you start to use your computer
2. Resize window – no, just minimize it.


Do not run on VPS, VPN, Virtual Machine or Proxy. It may start. It may run. It may show earnings. You will never be paid.

Remember – One Computer, One Install

Contrary to what may have previously been advised, YOU WILL NEED DIFFERENT ACCOUNT FOR EACH COMPUTER.

The VERY MOMENT this software goes live/starts earning, the Price for Division Accounts will increase to $250, and Regional Accounts will increase to $150. Standard will always remain free.

Once this is working flawlessly, with the help of your suggestions, we go live, and we all make money.

Good things take time. Thanks for your patience.

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Updates, News and Notices

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