Is alternative to pool appears to have a lot higher hash rate than, as of now have about 5GH/s, while have 20GH/s I’m I’m not mistaken. Also a few things taking into consideration. How do we know clevermining does not have their own private datacenter that they mine cryptocoin with? Similar case is with versus other pool, but the reason pool have higher hash rate is because more than 30% of their hash rate belong to themselves, they have their own data center with their own bitcoin mining hardware to mine bitcoin.

In general, it’s better to try out many pools, because I believe each hardware for mining are different, even though same model, such as the G-Blade Gridseed I would have different cgminer parameters settings, in order to get the highest most effective hash rate. One hardware could have 800mhz freq. while the other 850mhz but both output equivalent hash rate. So it’s best to try out different pools, different settings. That’s what fun about cryptocoin mining 🙂