It was great with Dogecoin went up for several weeks

Over the past several weeks Dogecoin skyrocketed continuously daily, but look like now the fun is over as it started to slip down slowly. At the same time Bitcoin isn’t doing too well either.

Bitcoin has been hurting and it’s not going anywhere for a great while now, it’s dead at 230s. Well folks, that’s what Dogecoin people been saying also, but look all of a sudden Dogecoin rise for 2-3 consecutive weeks from 20-30 to 80-90 within 3 weeks or. It could happen to Bitcoin although it already had. Hold on to your Bitcoin, or buy your Bitcoin now and wait for the rise again. Many people said that Bitcoin was never meant to even go to $100 so soon, but $1000 is a bubble or pump as some might say.

So what’s next? well just like any other cryptocoins, waiting for the pump, we don’t know for how long, but it will be awesome and we don’t know how long is the awesome time either, it could be hours to weeks or months.