[KnCMiner Neptune Update] further delays?

Not with just KNCminer, but all other ASIC crypto miners new equipment 28nm are being delayed the same. It doesn’t matter if BFL or AMT or FastHash, Cointera, don’t matter, because they all get their chips the same time from 28nm chips manufacturer. Then they will work on putting it together to make it mine bitcoin, scrypt coin whatever. So it’s a matter of having the fastest team engineer to get the chips work fast and ship.

So far KNCminer is the only big Bitcoin miner manufacturer now also manufacturer Scrypt Miner as well. While BFL at a stand still with just Bitcoin SH256, so who’s better?

From: Kncminer <[email protected]>

Sent: Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Subject: KnCMiner Neptune Update

This is a small update with important information for all Neptune Customers.
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Dear all,

In this newsletter we have some updates for you all about our product range. The newsletter will contain the following sections:

20nm statement
Neptune progress update
Hash while you wait
Convert your Neptune order

20nm statement.

This is an important statement which we would like to make clear. As always there is a lot of information available on the internet and a lot of speculation about the technology we are using some of it true and some of it completely wrong. What we can say is that the technology we have chosen is cutting edge and this means a lot of companies are careful about adopting such technologies.
We at KnCMiner pride ourselves in bringing the latest technologies to our customers. We over engineer our chips and don’t promise anywhere near the actual 100% performance they could possibly achieve. This enables us to use the latest and greatest chips safely. So when you read about much longer timelines for this technology it’s important to note they are not our timelines. We have a very different approach. We over engineer our chips and only use world class partners in our chip designs. These important factors allow us to have the technology in our customer’s hands faster than other companies.

Neptune progress update.

Our Neptune product is currently in fabrication stage at the TSMC Foundry in Asia. We are actively pushing to get the chips as fast as possible to our assembly factories in Sweden. We have of course taken all steps to make sure that the process is done as fast as possible. We know as well as everyone in this business that time is a critical part of the process. Which we think is why we have come up with a few alternatives to anyone who doesn’t want to wait for their product.

Hash while you wait.

First it’s important to note that we don’t expect to be late at all everything is on track. It’s just always good to have a backup plan. Second our mega-data center in the north of Sweden is nearing completion so we can give out some more details. All customers of Neptune’s will be able to use completely free of charge our data center to hash for them at 3TH either on our pool or a pool of their choice while they wait for their product to be shipped. The first customers (batch 1) are expected to be hashing in our data center in early June and the last customer will hash in our data center around the last week of June. All the customers will be able to hash in that data center for as long as we are late in shipping your Neptune product, this service will be provided on a best effort basis. We have a 24/7 operations teams in place with multiple redundant internet and power connections and we will aim to have as close to 0 down time as possible.

Convert your Neptune order to a 3TH Jupiter.

For those customers who no longer want to wait for their Neptune we have another new option for you. We are releasing for shipment a new 3TH product. We have a total of 400 of these setups available which are based on our existing and proven 28nm chips. Each setup contains
18 of our own 28nm 8 DC/DC module ASIC boards with coolers,
3 controller cards,
all cables needed,
Power supplies not included.
The boards are in aluminum boxes, each box contains 3 chips side by side with front and rear cooling vents. Each controller card runs two boxes. This option will be offered free of charge for anyone wanting to convert their Neptune to a 3TH Jupiter. If more than 400 people want to have the conversion we will ship in order of payment for the original Neptune order. This offer will be open for 7 days for people to contact us. After 7 days from today the exchange will be frozen and people will be contacted who made it onto the queue. The products will then be shipped from stock as soon as possible. This will be offered at no cost to the customers wanting to take 3TH of Jupiter’s instead of waiting for their Neptune’s. There is a 90 day warranty on this product. Anyone wanting to take this option should contact customer service via email with their order number who will then take care of the conversion.

KnCMiner Team

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