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Yest another news update posted on member’s homepagẹ. Previously account blocked will get unblocked within 24 hours, didn’t happen, wrong estimate again. Updated indicated below so. The real focus here is payment! users feel that all these news about payments are just make up stories each time Coingeneration Digital Generation DG update news homepage or blog, one estimate after another for over two months, but still all payout requested $50 are in pending status, some even reported that even $8 payment are in pending status and yet as old as over 2 months. The news has been released everytime are just make up stories of reason why cannot pay everyone and so on. People are getting very tired and loosing a lot of hope. Hope this time DigitalGeneration DG delivery. If not I urged everyone to stop using this investment program, for over 3 months broken promises. Hope this week will be the last and DigitalGeneration delivery what should have been delivered for a long time already. Keep in mind that there is a real company with Nasdaq stock market ticket, unfortunately this isn’t the one.

Our database is currently being updated to remove the account block and apply missing earnings for some accounts that might have been affected with the server sync. glitch.

We will update all users later today on payments status and hope to have all tech problems to be resolved today.

Our Paxum and EgoPay accounts will be funded within the next few hours, please be patient as we are applying final changes to the script to resume all payments back to instant.