Logitech K360 is a good keyboard and mouse M185 goes together

Logitech K360 is a good keyboard and mouse M185 goes together. I just got this set from Meritline for about $18. It looks new as advertised, although the serial# appears to have gotten crossed out for some reason, but as long as it work, I don’t care.

The keyboard keys are not mechanical, but it’s soft and similar to the Apple laptop notebook keypad, soft and doesn’t make a lot of noise, but for sure it’s smaller than a standard desktop keyboard, so if you’re using a desktop keyboard daily and replaced it with this keyboard then you will notice the different, and it will take sometime to get use for. But, once you get use, you can really fly with it ┬álike me now, after a couple hours it’s alright.

The mouse M185 advertised appears to last up to 3 years, and I think I know why, because the laser light that blinks or changes colors has been disabled I guess to save battery power. I think that’s what it is to make it last 3 years. For me I used the rechargeable battery and let see how long it will last.