Make money Pay to click PTC are not for US people

These so call Pay to Click also known as PTC sites are not for US people or people whom live in a country where the currency is pretty much as high as USD or higher. The reason is because, let say you’re from the US and the a meal cost $5, and where a meal cost $1 in most countries, these people lives in countries where living cost is super low would benefit greatly working ¬†for PTC sites. It is not worth the time and effort at all for US people, because the pay per click is so low, and you don’t have as much time as other people from developing countries does where they can spend online the whole day clicking faster, have more accounts than you, clicking more and more, and their living cost is a fraction of how much it would cost you in the US.

However some PTC sites restricted the amount of clicks for certain accounts and off course blocked all multiple account belong to one user. So if you want multiple accounts you need different IPs and sometime mailing address as well, don’t try to use VPN or proxy, it will just get you in trouble possible suspended forever. You however can use your neighbors or friend and families internet IP for clicking. If those don’t work for you, then you would need to spend money to buy rented referrals on most PTC, however some PTC don’t have rented referrals thingie going on, so you would just have to click like clixsense, no such thing as rented referrals.

Once if you’re US folks or somewhere in the world where you currency is as much as USD or higher, you better off working at minimum wage somewhere not with PTC! with that in mind, if you still want to go for making money online, do multiples PTC, blogging with google adsense, tons of other ways to make money, running program such as gomezpeer where you don’t have to do anything and some bucks a month.

For people whom advertise on Pay to Click PTC, these people website must be pretty lame, sorry to say that, who would want to advertise on Pay to click? the intention of people clicking was to make money, they never really pay attention to the contents they click on, it’s a total waste of money for whoever advertise their website on pay to click site.

pay to click is not for US people it's a waste of time better get minimum pay jobs and more fun

pay to click is not for US people it’s a waste of time better get minimum pay jobs and more fun