Minersource.net is awesome! responsive negotiable good deal

I bought my first batch of g-blade last week or so ago, it is still working great. I took advantage of the acceptance of credit card and bought those g-blade gridseed miners, although it doesn’t come with the power cable, but I managed to modified my existing PSU to get it working the same day without spending any extras.

Minersource.net initial support email ticket took about 24 hours for them to response. However a couple days ago, after getting a message saying that they still have the sp10 dawsonn in stock but only qty of one, so I have to be fast to order it. However I wasn’t fast enough some one bought it so Minersource had to cancel my order. Dan responded to my support ticket and apologized and recommended me to get another miner 1TH/s dragon and gave me $150 discount off the retail posted price online. I took advantage of that and ordered 2, total of $300 discount off the original price listed on the website. So basically I got on order $3400 or so for 2TH/s Bitcoin miner, which I think is a good deal, although people said the Dragon miner sucks, the PSU sucks, and the 28nm was stolen or obtained illegally in China, yeah like that going to deter Bitcoin miners not from buying Dragon miner. The whole concept of Bitcoin not illegal?

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing with credit card on Minersource is that you can only use one credit card per day it seems like it. So let say if you buy an item today with credit card #1, and later on the same day you tried to buy again with same credit card, it will not go through, and it is not Minersource issue, but rather shoplify something, which is minersource merchant account for accepting payment issue. However you can use different credit card to buy it same day, then wait another day to use the same credit card again. I don’t know if this is the fact for security. Nor if it is fixed today. Look like there was a message from Minersource saying that their credit card payment are now working properly.

Conclusion, I think MInersource.net have good prices, great support, best of all now they accept credit card. I trust Minersource because I’ve dealt with them before and I’m now tracking my 2TH/s dragon miner will be delivered on Tuesday next week 6/17 according to UPS.