Mining at btcguild with Dragon miner required correct difficulty setting

If you get your Dragon miner to work, and you’re mining at let say, then you need to set up the correct difficulty setting, in this case, 1024 might be your best bet. Other setting might not show correct hash rate for your miner.

It took me a while earlier today to figure it out. I got the miner to work, but noticed the hash rate in the Dragon miner, does not match with the hash rate showing up on BTCGuild. The different in hash rate were huge, so I know something is wrong.

Didn’t found out until later when boss of btcguild said that the Dragon miner is retarded, need to set up correct or specific difficulty setting in order for it work. I’m sure this has been discussed in the bitcointalk forum but I didn’t get a chance to search for it.

It might not be just but also other pools also where if you mine Bitcoin with your Dragon 1TH/s miner, you might encounter same issue where the has rate don’t match. The solution might be just to adjust the difficulty level on the pool. Or specific difficulty on the Dragon miner settings and Pool worker settings.