More and more people are reporting getting paid from

That’s right, more and more people are reporting getting paid from DigitalGeneration DG. There is a trick according to many users and also confirmed by Admins support. The trick is to request every 5.1hours and the amount $49 or less, if you get error messages or denied, then do not keep on trying right away as it doesn’t and probably push you back furthermore. It doesn’t matter who you are, new users or older users been with for months or a year, you will be treated the same in term of this trick. So do it! you will get lucky get paid LOL.

A lot of angry users however, some has thousands up to six thousands to withdraw but they cannot, either it’s in pending status or denied for whatever misleading reasons. For now just request $49 max, and every 5.1hours if you get lucky you will get paid instantly. No one know if payment will ever get back to normal stage, still speculation did not fund their account or did fund but very small amount they keep the rest for profit in their pocket. Also the fund available probably from newer users or users purchased threads.