More scam coming soon from cointellect

Ok so who’s still a believer of cointellect? 50%? 10%? 1%? 0%? I don’t have a good idea, but my best guess is below 10% for the new investors and 1% for the people that had encountered these types of ponzi scheme before. Cointellect is the exact concept of after it closed, it make up all kind of stories, such as new website for stocks and selling high end Bitcoin ATM machine. Now cointellect is doing the same thing, passed the ball to another business as they say, but does it even exist? probably not.

So quick question, will anyone ever going to get paid? flat out straight answer NO, if they pay, it would be to new investors to trap them again like the older investors. Chances are no one will invest.

So what happened to the old owners? and staffs? – do they even exist? probably not. There are a hacked identity out there being use to commit crimes online, and it’s not easy to trace. For sure the owner in this case did not use real information, rather hacked identity belong to someone else.

Good day mining enthusiasts,

After a bit of a rough patch CoIntellect CEO has decided to retire from the current project, along with the COO Helder Rodrigues and Customer Support Team Manager Dayang Milic.

CoIntellect will now be fully owned by its Chinese division, the same division in charge of the mining setup and sector of the company.

We thank all our users and ask you all to just hang on a bit longer as we finish developing our new miner in order to resume mining under the x11 algorythm.


As of now, users who requested refunds will have their accounts suspended, therefore all balances will be held and not available for payout.

To avoid any suspensions, we advise our users to close any disputes made on credit card payments.

Further updates will follow once we
finalize the process of ownership and equity transfer.

Best Regards,
CoIntellect Staff

Published at Apr 28, 2015 2:51:29 AM