More scam fraud websites popping up similar to concepts

Heads up, more and more scam fraud websites similar to Digital Generation DG are popping up all over. This is similar to the PTC websites, where the PTC would required you to click, but people found automatic way to do so, which is auto clicker. With concept, you don’t have to click anything, simply leave your computer running and earn money 24 hours a day! a nice concept but again kind of risky for all the members to spend large amount of money to buy threads. The latest on is look like this one have the exact same concept as $50 a thread investments, which is also similar to coinbeez same set of price.

Again and again already proven these are just plain new tricks, similar to those HYIP scam fraud, ponzi scheme. However with being the first of its kind, was paying pretty good for 5-6 months and then everything goes down hill, every news, every estimate date, everything said, were not true, or some partially true misleading users in believing and spent more money for threads to pay for older members so that they can see some kind of reliefs but for how long? as long as more users are falling for it and buy threads and get paid, but whatever money pocketed over the past 5-6 months consider as in their pocket, the newer strategies appears to be more legitimate, but as of today every promise of payment and fixing has gone down hill.