Most Bitcoin miners hardware manufacturer got sued!

This come as a surprise! Let me say this first. Made in China products, most if not all have low quality, cheap, and sometime very dangerous. However not in this case, for the Bitcoin Miner that are Made in China, get delivered, and they don’t promise anything in term of pre-order and estimate delivery date months later.

Sadly to say, BFL Butterfly Lab got sued. FastHash got sued and filed chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Cointerra recently got sued, and many more. Smaller Bitcoin manufacturer such as AMT miner actually stop manufacture actual miners but just supplying the chips, selling the ASIC chips instead. The reason for these lawsuits all came down to broken promise, way off estimate of delivery date. Taking preorder and does not offer refunds, or refunds request takes 1-2 months or longer and sometime refund was never refunded back to the buyer’s bank.

Once again, I don’t like too many Made in China products, but it seems like the Chinese version of Bitcoin miner such as the Bitmain, Dragon miner and so on, who knows if they’re real company or just a one day company where they manufacture the products and then have a massive sales, distribution, made big profit then move on. Bottom line, these Chinese Bitcoin miner does work, and they get delivered even from China, but some local distributors here also such as

So thumbs up! for the Chinese Bitcoin miner, keep up the good job!