New blog updated at Digital Generation DG in regard to Blocked accounts and payments

Just in case you missed the blog or members update. Digital Generation DG updated latest news below. Sounds familiar everytime, one good news after another, but to many people it’s just a scheme of killing time, getting people excited every time something update is a new story, or stories. Well! that’s many people point of view, but there are also many would believe and trust it’s truthful news, but once again one after another their trust would shrink. This news below appear to be about blocked accounts will get unblocked soon, yes that big word “soon”, soon we will live on mars, soon we will leave earth, yes that’s how soon for people in chat room would understand soon from coingeneration word of choice when members asked when, there respond always soon.

However if you look closer at the blog update, it indicated next week, but again how many times have they said next week and then another next weeks and next weeks, next week in this case is plural and also the blog entries disappeared and then got replaced with antoher news update blog, but this time and a few previous one their updates appear to be synchronize in term of on the blog and on members’ homepage. So again clearly below they said next week massive payments, but again very misleading!, mass payment? would payment to 10 members be mass payment? yes, and they have 500,000 members ad they paid 10 members calling it mass payments. Let’s hope that they prove the members wrong that next week indeed they will do massive payments at least 50% of the members that have pending payment for a very long time one to two months old, don’t be paying $10 here and $20 there, there are many members spent thousands of dollars for threads and they have not gotten payments for over 2 months, that’s not fair! ¬†Well will see how this misleading updated blog will play out, stay tuned.

Let’s keep finger cross this time, will see what will happen next week.

Blocked Accounts
By Joao on Thu, 09/19/2013 – 14:46
Account verification process will be completed within the next 24 hours, we apologize for the inconvenience and will enable payouts for all blocked accounts that were suspended due to IP restrictions that were applied this week.

DG is ready to rush forward and we’re starting to bring the long awaited improvements into the system as we are now completely developed to focus on increase of our network performance.

You will notice the changes to the better side starting next week as we’re clearing the payments to go into our ewallets for mass payouts to all members.

Digital Generation Administration