News updated on Payments and blocked accounts

News on DigitalGeneration DG members homepage. I’m sure it will get posted on the blog as well. Just in case you don’t know, if you’re not a member of you probably would not see the same message as you see in member’s home versus the blog, however the blog does get updated later and it kept historical updates. After getting this news, members saying that they were able to get a one time payout of less than $49 instantly, this is good, but for many members they spent thousand and didn’t even get a partial of there investment yet so it’s not good in this case. The news published are pretty the same every time, the key word being use are, will do, soon, in a few hours, in next couple days, and so on and so forth. So based on this facts, people could be waiting for few more weeks to months and before you know it, no more update, they just simply disappear. Let hope this is not the case, there are still hope, there are still lots of hope, keep our finger cross.

BTW just in case you missed this speculation in regard to payments. The payments are simply money from newer users members whom subscribed invested, there isn’t any fund being charged to any of the payment processors, if you’re lucky when you click on request payout and there were some money in there purchased deposit by some new unlucky users then you’re in luck to get paid, even though less than $50 is instant, but let say if only $10 in there and you request more than $10, sadly you will get misleading random error messages. Why the $50 limit? simple think of how much per thread cost? that’s right $50 multiple (increment) and so request payment increment or multiple of $50 as well. There isn’t any indication at all the funded any of the payment processors although they said they did or will do, but it never happened, the money in there were simply money from users whom purchased new threads. Those are speculation that make a lot of sense, if it’s not true then DG tell us so. They may also manage the payout with some kind of logic such as by regions, set of IPs, amount, users has been paid certain amount and so on. It’s not transparent.

We are in process of EgoPay and Paxum account funding, our cashflow is almost back to normal
and we expect to start processing pending payments within the next few days. A complete revision
of all blocked accounts is almost completed and we’re happy to get back on track!

Stay tuned for the next update, we’re still in process of resolving the ability for
EgoPay users to fund DG via Payza as well. Things have settled down and thanks to our
best efforts all valued members should have a comfortable and profitable experience with DG.


DG Staff