No impact to Bitcoin value $ price BTC based on latest arrested event! in fact more volumes showing up

Don’t worry guys Bitcoin value will rise a gain Mr. Donnie Yen and Mr. ChrisPhi Cùlaonhàlá Tran Now is a good time to buy again However never ever invest money you cannot afford to loose or money you would need in the next month or sooner and definitely stay away from high yield investment program as they are all ponzi scheme!
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Thuan Tran The fed just shut down a website that trading drugs and guns for bitcoins. They have their eyes on it and they may shutdown bitcoins if this kind of activity goes on
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Trần Quốc Thông “money-laundering and narcotics-trafficking charges” yes some people are taking advantage of that, but the majority of us like me and all the folks at bitcointalks forums are in it for the futures growth. This is not the first time, there has many comp…See More
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Donnie Yen They been keeping eyes on Bitcoins years ago. No evident to shut it down yet or maybe they have all the access
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Trần Quốc Thông Right! and they will never shut it down, Bitcoin BTC actually helping them catch criminals like that dude above mentioned by Thuan Tran
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Trần Quốc Thông This news, very bad news, terrible horrific news have no effect on Bitcoin price LOL I don’t know where people say it went down 20% , look at mtgox

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ChrisPhi Cùlaonhàlá Tran It scares the people thinking or going to buy bitcoin for long terms, because all of the “sites”on going shut down…
Further more the invests people are skeptic about it.
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ChrisPhi Cùlaonhàlá Tran Ppl are scared to go to mtgox to buy. The price of bitcoins are plummets after the underground drugs bust
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Trần Quốc Thông Actually it has no effect on the Bitcoin price, it’s been at $130, if it were to impact the price, it would drop to below $100, but as you can see below graph show no impact whatsoever graph below for the past few days, this is how strogn Bitcoin is, no reaction to stock market, no reaction to closure of Bitcoin services nothing can kill Bitcoin! IN FACT MORE volumes were transacted LOL
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