[Paying instantly] An alternative to coingeneration.com that pays

By now everyone whom had been with coingeneration.com realized the “not paying” red light empty promises and lies has been going on for over four months, and new members doesn’t realized this until it’s too late, meaning that coingeneration.com is paying new members with $1 $5 $10 here and there so that they can get trapped into buying more threads and get newer referrals, but in the end they get trapped manipulated like the older veterans members.

The alternative to coingeneration.com is topcapitalist and geniuscapital. Geniuscapital is the newer one and if you register and login into their platform, you would see that they’re very professional, design layout and security. Even live support is always green 24 hours a day. No support needed, since they’re very straight forward. You deposit $50 just like coingeneration.com, but with geniuscapital, you don’t need to run any unknown program keeping your computer on all the time, in fact you don’t even need a computer, just anywhere that have internet, login, deposite $50, and get $1 out daily, well business days only M-F year round. So $50, you withdraw instantly daily if you want for life, forever or until the program died, not like coingeneration.com giving you a slow death, painful death. Geniuscapital is different, simple straight forward, no games, no manipulation, no trap. On top of that geniuscapital will allow you compound, and if you don’t feel comfortable you can take your money back in 15 business days including your 15 days profit on the 15th days, and decide whether you continue to invest or not. There are 15 days plan which pay similar to coingeneration.com, 30 days which pays more, and then 60 days even pays more. Then you can continue as you wish.

Topcapitalist is another one and the oldest. Very professional website design and security. Same concept, except no games fooling people around. You deposit money, you get paid instantly daily, get money back fully in 15 business days.