People are using Catch-22 logic excuses in the work place

To me, this is BS. People in the work place when they can’t figure something out, they uses the reason Cath-22 logic.

Earlier today when talking to a designer of a database. I present him with the data elements that I would like to see and the mapping of the two tables that I want to accomplish. I thought it was simple and turns out to be complicated than I first initially thought. In addition to the time wasted. Seems like every time he needed something, I accomplished it, then he came back questions, I hate, why couldn’t he asked question at the same time.

Anyhow, a lot of time wasted, because he uses the catch-22 logic on the problem. I don’t think it is catch-22. Just two types of data elements happens to be under the same category. In this case, amount paid $, for carrier 1, and carrier 2, now when we pivot it, we might loose visibility on one carrier. I believe it can work, and I will make it work, just have to train the end users to use it correctly. Funny thing is, this person is in the business of database design for a long time, and he uses catch-22 against my request for these data elements.

He’s milking it 🙂 business should not hire contractor that BS, instead hire a contract that can get the job done. Either that or just hire a full time person to do the job.