PERK TV does not have the right to obtain your Government photo ID or passport you are at risk if you already sent

As more and more people are reporting Perk TV anti fraud system cancelled their reward for no specific reasons, most reasons are not legitimate at all and some reasons are just so lame such as opening an email from a different address, login from another computer different computer IP like your friends house and so on. Perk TV cancelled reward of people hard earning money and asking for government ID such as passport and Driver License in which the authority said it’s not a thing to do.

The authority such as Police department does not recommend make a photocopy of your car driver license or passport and send to Perk TV because it’s a violation on Perk TV side, eventually the authority will catch up and get PERK TV to court. Perk TV isn’t a business that would need to hold a copy of people’s Governmen ID or car driver license. Perk TV may use it for fraud later in the future and nobody can do anything about it because it’s too late, on top of that your government ID and passport can be sold to terrorist to travel and harm people around the world. Now if Perk TV is financial related business or have some kind of connection to the government then it might be ok to send a copy of your ID to them. Apparently PERK TV isn’t any of those to be trusted with your Government issued ID, as it can be sold and leak for terrorist activities around the world including the ISIS, Taliban and so on. If you already sent your ID to PERK TV, you may want to contact the authority and talk about Perk TV obtaining your Government Passport or ID.

OK now let’s back to business. So we know that Perk TV is being iffy lately and it can only get worst and worst. The alternative are out there, such as Swagbucks. However the same could happen to swagbucks like Perk TV as more and more people come onboard and some people may find ways to maximize their earnings and could violate terms of service, but if you just download the app and then watch, then you’re fine. There are at least six Swagbucks related apps that earn your points for watching videos passively. You’ll find it.

The bottom line is, not just Perk TV, Swagbucks, and probably many others out there, will take advantage of their program to collect your personal information. These online business already have your personal information, but now they want to collect your Personal Identification such as Car Driver license and Passport, it’s a very bad idea! Only banks or financial institution would kept a copy of your driver license or Passport whatever needed for identity. If you go to the POLICE station or contact the Government about PERK TV obtaining people’s identity for sure you they will say you just got your identity stolen and can be sold to terrorist. So please people take action and if you submitted your Passport or Car driver License to Perk TV, you better contact the authority to investigate. You should only show your ID, not make a photocopy of your Driver License or Passport and send to PERK TV, it’s like making a copy of your credit card back and front and send it to your trusted neighbor, but can you trust? how do you know they will be there the next day?

Perk TV doesn’t need a copy of your Driver License, ID, Passport to confirm your identity, there are many other ways. If you’re ignorant enough not to know, let me name a few.

  • Internet ISP bill, a copy of this information is not as invasive as Government ID. This ISP (Internet Service Provider) should be enough to proof identity and internet IP being use to access PERK TV services.
  • Phone Bill, Cable Bill, Utilities Bill and other bills, again, not as invasive as Government issued ID.
  • Mail a confirmation letter to member’s home address, and members return letter back to confirm.
  • Need I need to mention more? Again those that already mailed your ID to PERK TV you better contact the authority and perhaps the NSA to let them know. Are you that desperate to make a couple $2 a day and risk loosing your personal identity to hackers and possibly sold online everywhere and could get on to the terrorist hand to make a copy of your identity for their own use of terrorist activities?