will not let you transfer your domain out easily they would like to speak to you and waste your time

Many domain registrar ¬†out there allow you to register and and if you need to transfer out, you can do it easily. However with they would like to speak to you, and I mean speak on the phone wasting your time, you cannot get the Authorization code through email chat or submit help ticket, they would not give it to you. You would need to call them and they will ask why, and offer you other services and products ask you a bunch of questions, it seems like they care, but to me it seems like they’re desperate for customers and very annoying.

So to me I would stay away from Many people would probably use because they can call and talk to if they don’t know crap about domain name and set up and hosting website, so they called and will lure them trick them into buying more services and stayed with forever and they will milk every single pennies you have, also don’t fall for the 99 center per year promotion, you will not be able to transfer out the first year, it’s on the fine print, a lot of fine print you need to read.

The domain name that I like and use is, I’ve been doing website and buy domains here and there with deals, I think godaddy is good, very flexible, however when you buy stuff from godaddy, it has many related service offers, you can skip it by clicking on No Thanks, Continue, and during Cart check out, ensure the correct items are in your cart, and the price is right! and network solution same affiliated misleading scamming people and network solution same affiliated misleading scamming people