[Resume Paying] [Website members homepage not accessible]

Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG kept its promises this time. They did indeed resume payment with the Payment Gateway in Green mostly, but some are EgoPay mostly in red off and on. The only two types of payment work are EgoPay and Paxum. I’m not sure why people use EgoPay mostly with the fact that transfer out or cash to your bank cost a lot of money, you would need to convert or exchange to Payza USD currency and then transfer from Payza to your bank account, but maybe people just use EGOPay because they want to move money around doing various program. Paxum on the other hand is a lot better, ever since DG raised it’s fees of $1.50 per payout, so it’s better with paxum because only $1 fee, still a hefty fee.

Bottom line, DG seems to kept it promise, having Gateway Payment recharge with funds, although it’s off and on green orange red constantly, but successful payout for many members.

Now the problem appears to be, many members if not all, weren’t able to access member’s homepage of coingeneration.com, when they login, the site simply redirect them back to the homepage. There isn’t any news blog update at the moment, just redirect back to the homepage. The homepage, if you scrolled down a little, you will see that they have updated many information. Back to the login problem, look like a few, quite a few members having same problem. Some speculated that Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG removed their access, banned, or something similar since there wasn’t any scheduled maintenance announcement.