Similar to are paying investment program online

Before I proceed, I would like to say that, do not invest in any investment with money you cannot afford to risk or loss. There isn’t any investment program exist in this world guarantee  a return, even your bank and the government. However it is measurable by risk factors. If you invest in government funds such as college plan etc. then the risk super low. If you invest in stocks, gold and silver, etc. the risk is there higher than low. If you invest in your bank CD savings the is low. However if you invest in high yield investment programs then it’s high. Some of them are completely risky 100% you will loose your money.

High yield investment most consider as ponzi scheme, ponzy scheme, pyramid scheme and so on. You got to know what you’re doing. You need to research about the company, google search it. Look into the ratings of the HYIP. Look at the interface of the HYIP. Look at the investment programs. You can spot fraud sometime easily.

Take example for, easy to spot fraud scam will died very soon by look at the investment program. How to spot scam in case is there is an investment plan $1500 with amazing 300% return, basically $1500 you can get $4000 in 30 days. This indication clearly show fraud.

Here is how to determine longer lasting HYIP, however does not guarantee it will not disappear at anytime.

  1. the domain. Stay away from private registered domain. Stay from domain that will expire within a year.
  2. Website layout and design. Stay away from cheap ugly looking website design. Stay away from non https (ssl) secure website.
  3. Consistency of investment plans. Stay away from plan varies from 1.2% then all of a sudden a plan for 300%. It should be consistent 1.2% 2.5% 3%
  4. Check contact page. Stay away from no address, no phone#, no contact form, no contact chat live support, no email.
  5. Payment accepted. Stay away from non dispute payments processors such as EGOPay, however now a day only these payments processors are being offers for HYIP, it’s a one way transactions, once transactions goes through that’s it, no point of return ever. STP SolidTrustPay is a little better as they are helping disputing and get your money back if money in the account is still available. Too bad if the money has withdraw emptied.
  6. Checking Rating HYIP websites. Search for the program website and see what the rating are: Stay away from NOT PAYING.
  7. Lastly, DO NOT INVEST IN THE SAME PROGRAM OVER AND AGAIN. Spread your money equally from one programs to another. As there is a saying “do not put your money in the same basket”

OK guys, know those above should help you to invest safely than without knowing. Here are some programs I’m currently using and they’ve been paying, and I already profit.