So many good news on Bitcoin but still BTC price sucks!

The good news with Bitcoin is that, the news in regard to Bitcoin are mostly good news. So why Bitcoin price still sucks? – Well if we look at it one way or another, let say the “bubble” expecting $1000 – no, that was the bubble. The bubble has been over many months years maybe. Now Bitcoin price stable at $200-$300, and it’s not going anywhere fast. However people can still make money for day trading, it’s not as much volatile as before but still have kick once in a while.

A few days ago, BTC was at $220, then next couple days it shoot up to almost $240 then now dropped back to $230. It was the news, there were so many good news. There also bad news, but there are more good news than bad news.

Good news is – many big investing firms, corporation are putting out big money as much as $50 million dollars into Bitcoin at a time.

Bad news is – Bitcoins are still being used as fraud scam, such as locking encrypting websites belong to companies and even local enforcement forcing them to pay in Bitcoin to get it unlocked, and sadly it work ransom was paid and it got unlocked.

If we look back at the early internet days, the same happened. Scammer or Fraudster would using online chat room and email to rob people or even commit crime such as murder, serial killer, craigslist killer and so on. So Bitcoin is no different, there will negative and positive, as long as the positive is greater than positive I think we’re fine.

I still believe that Bitcoin will be bigger the .com or internet days when it hit mainstream. Today if you ask people around you, you will notice that only 1% of the people you ask would know what Bitcoin is, sometime even 0%, try it.