Stealing your bitcoin phishing email

Watch out people, with Bitcoin price rising again, hackers are working hard to hack and steal your bitcoin in any ideas methods they could their hand on. So be careful storing Bitcoin on your computer, it could disappear in an instant or in some case hackers cannot hack your bitcoin, they will encrypt your hard drive turn it into an image and either download it to crack it or simply ask you to pay them some bitcoin if you want your hard drive to be decrypted so you can access it again.

Many many different ways hackers will try to hack your Bitcoin, first most likely they already know you have some Bitcoin activities, then eventually will track down your computer and try to hack it. The most attempts of them all is phishing email like this one below. As you can see the return email address actual email isnt’, and the link ┬áif you click on, it’s not url, in some cases when you clicked on it, you’ve already given hackers some detail about your account like cookies, and they will attempt to hack your account based on the cookies obtained.

When you get email, do not click on the link immediately, but move your mouse over and see what the domain or url is before actually clicking on it. Bottom line, don’t click it at all, but go to the website directly yourself by typing in the domain correctly.


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Top Tip
Backup your bitcoin wallet using dropbox. It’s free, easy to use and secure.