The dangers of the internet giving out your personal information such as where you live.

This is another example of what happen when you deal with people online or people you don’t really know, just on the internet giving out your home address to meet, let alone giving out your Driver License and Passport have it leak on the internet is just simply crazy.

This story is the so call “woman in Craigslist attack” basically the seller, pregnant woman, awaiting the buyer to come in the house, the buyer stabbed the seller ripped open her stomach pregnant with 7 years old fetus … need I need to describe more? let stop here and go back to the main point. The main point is doing online business meeting people at your house is not a good idea, you will never know what that person can do or will do on that day or in the future. If you have to do transaction face to face, it is best to meet at a public area where people are around such as gas station, star bucks, or to be safe, close to the Police station.

How to protect yourself? No not with guns! No not hiring a big guy or security guy or a scary guy to go with you to do transactions! but avoid it if you can. You can do ebay, amazon, but not classifieds such as craigstlist to meet in person.

Furthermore, I’m seeing a lot of people now a day giving out personal information, not just their home address and phone #, but also taking photos or copies of their Driver License and Passport send it via email to someone or some business that are in no position would need your Government ID, and to name a few: PERK TV, HYIP, Scammer fraud online business that open today and close tomorrow. There are other documents that can be use instead of your government ID.