The end of Butterfly Labs BFL could be soon we might not see our ASICs

Yes, I am one of the BFL customer patiently waiting for the ASIC they have promised back in June 2012, it’s almost a year now and they hardly shipped a handful of units. My personal opinion is I think they’re doing their best, but it’s not good enough. So lately I’ve been reviewing a lot of negative post about BFL and their business, it appears that they have a two months cycles estimate, once the two months ended, they estimated another two months, when you order, they estimated two months, and so on. I believe they can manufacture the products but we don’t really know whether the reasons for the delay is real or make up and so on so forth.

Anyhow, the title of this blog. The end of Butterfly Labs BFL might be near, as many angry customers are getting upset and probably the rival companies might pitch in and shut down BFL operations overall. There has been talks of getting lawyers either improve or deliver what BFL promised, and who knows maybe there will be a rich person or a group of people hire a good lawyers and probably get BFL to deliver the products or refund the customer their money with interest lost appreciation value and depreciation value, so if someone paid 100BT back then worth $500, but now those 100BT worth $13K, as you can see the different. If this happen eventually BFL will get file bankruptcy and there go our asics.

Here’s the link to one of the topic latest, I found on bitcointalk, there are a tons more from this forum and many other forums and blogs.