The end of cashing your Bitcoin to cash OKPay now also announced no more bitcoin related money transfer

One sad news after another. What’s going on behind the scene we don’t really know. AS more and more big merchants or services that allow you to transfer money that tied to Bitcoin cashing. Weeks ago or Dwolla shut down its operation with Mt.GOX, today another news OKPay now also shut down Bitcoin related transactions in and out, if it’s related to Bitcoin.

The end of Bitcoin coming soon at least already ended here in the USA, we cannot use OKPay, we cannot use Dwolla, we cannot use Wire Transfer related to Bitcoin somehow it’s traceable in/our source and destination. And I’m very sure, other big merchants if any left will get shut down as well, and then smaller one will become big, and then get shut down as well, it will not be a surprise. The only one alive now in the US is but hearing news and rumor it will get shut down very soon, could be in the next few hours or days weeks months …

So there you go, say good bye to Bitcoin if you’re the in USA, move to another country, some where in Europe or Russia haven’t seen any big impact yet, but eventually it will get impacted big time world wide. US took major steps.

NOT! NOT! Bitcoin will still be alive!!! ??? off course it will, the communities although small at the moment will get frustrated and take matter into its own hand, I can see battle start to unfold soon between regulators government and the Bitcoin communities. ┬áMaybe it’s a good time now to cash all your Bitcoin if you can find a merchant that willing to accept your cash for Bitcoin. The reason Bitcoin will not died is if you use it as Bitcoin, and not cashing it to USD, it will work perfectly Bitcoin for Bitcoin, just know the conversion rate.