Tips for a strong, secure password Strong Password Checklist

Tips for a strong, secure password
• Treat passwords like your toothbrush: Choose a good one and replace it regularly.
• Applied Materials policy requires passwords to be changed at least every 90 days. Many industry experts recommend at least every 30 days.
• Use a passphrase. Choose an easily remembered phrase like “Liberty and Justice Forever” and use the first one or two letters of each word with some punctuation and numbers in between. Example: Li.an1Ju*Fo.
• Use a password pattern. Pick a starting point on the keyboard, trace out an easily remembered pattern, and add some twists. Example: The eight-character pattern 1qscvhU* describes a “V” on your keyboard starting with the number 1 key, with the added twists of an uppercase U and an asterisk.

Strong Password Checklist
• at least 8 characters
• at least one number
• at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter
• at least one symbol (examples: &, !, @, #, $, ^, *)
• no proper names or words (English or otherwise)
• no personal information, like your SSN, phone number, or date of birth
• no repeating characters
• no easy-to-guess patterns like 123qwerty
• no well-known mathematical values (like Pi) or equations (E=mc2)