Upgrade your Android Perk TV app otherwise you will not earn points for videos played

Always upgrade to the latest version of Perk TV android. At least the 2nd to latest version, otherwise you will not earn points, let alone App may not work correctly, although some people think otherwise. Some say that after they upgraded the Perk TV app, they lost points, phone kept on crashing or too slow. If that’s the case, you can stick with the 2nd to latest app, because normally latest version have bugs.

I’ve been doing perk tv for sometime, and one thing I can you are:

  1. Perk TV app very intrusive, they have access basically to your phone for almost everything, where you’re at, what’s your phone identity, and so on and so forth.
  2. The points you earned are getting reduced frequently, from 10 to 7 to 5 to 3 now to 1-3 but normally 1 now a day as of May 2015
  3. Some videos freeze and it’s not phone’s fault, rather Perk TV server perhaps or maybe your ISP latency problem with Perk server
  4. Reboot your phone once a while
  5. Last but not least, once you Perk TV on that phone, chances are your phone quality reliability will get reduced, so highly recommend not to run Perk if you love and use your phone daily for your daily business.

As of May 2015, with 5 phones, and frequent check to touch on “yes” you’re still watching, you will be earning maybe $10 a week$40 or $40 a month, gas money or beer money indeed. No, you should not use multiple static IP because Perk TV App can detect and ding you for it. Multiple ISP yes, should be ok. Block of static IP provided by your ISP is under the same gateway, Perk TV app can detect it. Your typical gateway router would say, but block of static IP is under the same gateway IP or something like that.