Why are some people think getting a bunch of domains and creates one page contents will benefit them?

This is still happening, although it’s already been proven that as of today having one website or maybe 2 or so is better than having a hundred or even thousand websites will benefit them? Benefit in this case making money having relevant contents, but the contents isn’t unique, they just copy and revised it from someone’s else word.

I have a friend has been in the website design online business for a very long time, in fact, he created many of the most famous Vietnamese websites 20 years or so ago when the internet was famous. So where is he as of today? he said broke, due to gambling? I don’t know about that. Anyhow back to the real topics. I personally think that getting many domains could be beneficial in the future but it’s unlikely, the reason is because people buying many short domain names and relevant domain names and so on so that hopefully in the future someone can offer them a good price to buy it, it call domain real estate. This had work great for some people, but for others they spent thousand yearly to renew domain and make no money. The person I know also creates what he called relevant contents one or two pages with link that have a hash sign #, to me it’s fake linking to get attention from search engine such as google. I don’t think this is a good idea, google search engine is smarter than that.

Now, personally I think it’s better to have one or two sites or as much as you can blog or maintain with unique contents from your own words. Such as me, this website blog 1a20.com, I maintained it and blog it daily, I know that I will not make a whole lot of money for the first couple of years, but as I update move along daily, I strongly believe that search engine will be interested and crawl my sites daily with unique contents, quality also maybe, not sure how it’s defined. For others, with tons of websites domains contents what they do is hired cheap labor from India, Africa and Asia to do copy and paste, they copy contents from a good website, then paste into google translator for example to translate into another language, and then translate back to English, and now they have unique contents that they can paste back into a blog, with cheap labors and I mean cheap, the operations owner would probably sometime profit a hefty amount of profit from google adsense and similar ads services.

Not only that cheap labors can do copy and paste, they can also click such as PTC pay to click operations, but google adsense already knows it and disqualified any sites participated in pay to click operations. So cheap labors take advantage for good use, not cheating please!

Good luck!