Why is youriphonespecialist ebay account feedback comments are private?

Updated 11/27/2012: this user now have his/her feedback comments in public again and probably will hide it again and re-open again depend on the trend, this is a mess, seems like buyer buying iphone 4 on a massive scale to support the terrorist or some kind of iphone business exporting to other countries, ebay wouldn’t take any action on this user, but ebay took action on people whom sell the phone, such as ebay deleting our real feedback about this user, ebay delete our forum post about the user, and other actions against us sellers but no action whatsoever to this ebay buyer youriphonespecialist no matter how many people report but ebay wouldn’t take action against this nasty ugly business buyer.


Why is youriphonespecialist ebay account feedback comments are private? If you’re wondering, the simple answer is he/she a big scammer non-paying UPI ebayer, bid on all iphone listed auction on ebay especially on iphone 4 and will never pay for it or respond to your message, because it’s not the price he/she want to pay, this ebay bidder only pay for iphone that he/she can re-sell for big profit, either that or supporting the terrorist with iphone to harm us!

It’s not a joke, ebay need to suspend this user account, clearly this user has a campaign a well planned plan to to execute tons of iphone 4 bids pay for some, and left many others hanging with no respond, he/she has time to manage the account by hiding the feedback comments to private because he/she doesn’t want other people to read all the negative feedback. The sad thing about this is that, many sellers still fall for it saying “YEAHHH sold my iphone 4 for $100000” errrrrr yeah in your dream, ebay user youriphonespecialist will never pay for it if it’s not cheap. Ebay system is broken, this user iphonespecialist is taking full advantage of it, so be careful ensure to lock up your ebay as shown on my previous post.