WIFI suddenly too slow lagging and disconnected sometime?

So how to fix this? There are a few options.

  1. Get a dual band router that uses 5GHZ band. The dual band router with 5ghz band will cost more money, and required the client device to be able to connect to it. Now a day and even some old devices, should be able to connect to the 5ghz wifi band. Less wireless technology are using 5ghz band, so wifi router with this band will have plenty of bandwidth.
  2. Move your devices closer to the Router. Moving your devices closer to the router, or move the router closer to your device will help. As your devices normally connected to the closest highest signal available first and transmitting data to it will be prioritize. Basically it simply ignore weak signals from other routers 2ghz, put it that way. This method will allow you to use your old 2ghz router, no need to buy new dual band 5ghz.
  3. Lastly, if all failed, just connect your device via RJ45 network cable. unfortunately this is not an option for wireless mobile devices that does not have a network port, such as android phone, ipad, iphone, and so on.

This is an issue now a day especially in crowded cities or apartment building where each home are close together with WIFI operating different ISP IP SSID whatever, but the problem there are only 11 channels and 2ghz can be use. The result could cause interference among each wifi router.

The standard router now a day is still a 2GHZ with channels 1 to 11, but on normal auto channel mode, it will only uses channel 1, 6, and 11. As more and more Wifi router are being added in the 2GHZ band, there will collision issue with the channels on 2GH frequencies. The collision will cause lag to the internet connect between the device the wifi router, often might not be able to connect at all and timed out, disconnected. This is a well known issue now a day especially in the apartment housing building.