Would a company allow their employees to program an app for use without company policy compliance?

So I was talking to an online friend, he work for a corporation, a giant computer company actually, although he doesn’t build the computer or fix the computer on-hand; but he does work for them in the helpdesk department supporting other companies also very big size companies that they’re supporting.

With a big corporation, I would think they have guidelines and rules for employees to follow, but I guess it’s true that rules and laws were made to broken as some might say, but so are the consequences. Anyhow, he noticed a opportunity to enhance the process or made it more efficient by writing a program himself and use it, then had a few other people use it, and so the manager also like it, and so on and so forth. All these time, there wasn’t any official documentation created, he just created and they use. To me, this is a major problem, for such big computer company wouldn’t they have training for employees to follow guideline and rules using a third party programs let alone creating an app by themselves and use it.

I don’t question the knowledge of the programmers, but people make mistakes, and to program something for a group of 50 or more people to use, wouldn’t that be a little bit scary? what if the program malfunction, wrong logic, has a virus, and lots of bugs doesn’t shows up today but down the line somewhere? and the person whom program move on or no longer with the company, who’s going to support it? let alone probably not in compliance with company policy. To me it’s a big risk

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