2nd wave of SCAM ending coingeneration.com most if not all payout frozen limited

Noticing coingeneration.com been up and down, up and down, and down the whole day today? Look like the second wave of SCAM ending at coingeneration.com Members are now complaining they cannot withdraw, or limit was imposed just like the many previous first wave of members whom got lure tricked and trapped with no payout, just make stories news published every so often to kill time.

Coingeneration.com good at scamming, good at killing time, not paying. Coingeneration.com making up stories to kill time in order to get money out of payment processors to their bank account, withdraw all the money from the bank, and closed that bank account without a trace. After cash withdrawal completed, coingeneration.com will start a new wave of scam, they will come up with new ideas, new strategies, and furthermore already have many plan and websites created all over the internet to scam more people.

I find it surprising and disturbing that a lot of people are still falling for coingeneration.com scam, isn’t forums and blogs and social media already rated this coingeneration.com the biggest scam on the internet? yet a lot of people stilling falling for it. A lot of people afraid to file a dispute with the IC3.gov, and a lot of folks are working on getting more referrals instead of spending money, they get other people to spend money so they can get commission. Sadly, it’s cruel. If you don’t know what you’re doing, or not sure, do not spend even $1 on anything that promise a big return. Do your homework, do your research. No such thing as easy money, the game coingeneration.com and many other HYIP doing are tricking you to invest more and more and more, they managed each individual account and they will know when you will no longer invest and block you from payout or limit your payout so you don’t file a dispute, giving them enough time to withdraw all your cash to their bank and close the bank after they emptied their bank account.

Once again, the game is, coingeneration.com and many other HYIP will pay you instantly, consistently, but they will manage each account individually and know when you will no longer reinvest or invest more, they will ¬†frozen your account, or limit your account payout, and make up stories as technical issues and so on. They do this kill time, making up stories so that you don’t file a dispute with STP for example or other payment processors that allow dispute. With this time killing will give them enough time to move your money to their actual bank account, then emptied their bank account cash withdrawal, then close the bank account, and they’re good to go. Now leaving you hanging, they will make up more stories to trick you to invest more money to get money, some people will fall for this, some don’t and they don’t care because they already got your money. Some HYIP after scamming people money, they continue to scam people identity by asking them send in ID card social security # passport etc. and then they will use your identity to open new scam business under your name, open new bank account under your name to open more scam business. We will never know the person behind these anonymous programs, although you see names and address and identity but those are stolen ones.