3rd day of spring 2013 and it snow

spring time on mars as people prepare for arrival

spring time on mars as people prepare for arrival

Unbelievable! well believe it and probably not a surprise to many people. 3rd day of spring 2013 already, it’s Friday and it was snowing this morning toward noon time. Now it’s just cold freezing.

You call this global warming? I thought the weather suppose to be hotter, warmer, due to global warming, yeah sure the temperature get warmer every year by decimal point. However I have also seen data that indicate the Earth freeze and warm every so often, so I don’t think it’s much of global warming.

What I believe is we do and did indeed pollute the air more than ever. Thousand years ago, there isn’t any machinery that would produce smoke, dangerous smoke that is, but now a day just too much, and I also believe we’re hurting Earth, whatever we did or will do, doesn’t really help!

So what’s the solution? easy answer: explore new world in outer space and start moving people out of earth! 🙂

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