Adding a sub panel or just breaker into existing circuit panel? Bitcoin Cryptocoins mining

As a Cryptocoins miners myself. I mined Bitcoin and other Cryptocoins currencies, virtual currencies to be exact. Surprisingly not too many people knows about this hobbies but now it has gained momentum and many got on board. However mining is kind of late, it’s better to buy the Cryptocoins directly than mining, because of the cost of electricity and the cost of mining hardware such as a computer and expensive GPU.

I faced the challenge of adding more power to my existing outlet or maybe create new outlet for more power since the existing home electrical wiring isn’t built to support 10 kilowatts of power my GPU miners required. Hec! I’m paying $1000 of electricity a month. When I told people this, they wouldn’t believe me or look at me strangely, skeptical kind of look or confused.

I did a lot of research online google search, and watching a lot of youtube howto videos on adding circuit breaker and adding subpanel. In the end I’ve decided to add 6 15amp circuit breaker instead of a subpanel, because subpanel cost more result mainly of buying that 70AMP to 100AMP main breaker for the subpanel.

What I did were.

  1. Buy all the materials. Includes: 25 feet 2-2-4 or 15AMP electrical wire, 6 15amp circuit breaker, outlet boxes and plug the whole kit, some screws.
  2. Install the plug first and wire.
  3. Shut down the main power breaker on the Electrical panel.
  4. Open the panel cover
  5. Wire the ground wire
  6. Wire the white wire
  7. Wire the black or hot wire into the breaker
  8. Install the breaker, ensure the breaker is in OFF position
  9. Secure all the wires, ensure it doesn’t move easily or loose in the panels.
  10. Reinstall the panel cover.
  11. Turn on the Main switch breaker
  12. Switch on the new breakers installed
  13. Test the plug ensure it power

That is all to it, now I can plug my mining rigs into these new outlet with a 10-15amp extension cord, it’s safe and centralized. Versus what I have existing is very dangerous of fire hazardous because I can feel the circuit plug very hot! sometime it tripped and it’s 15amp.

So far so good. If your electrical panel have existing slots, it’s better to add more circuit breaker than a subpanel. Work well for my purpose!