America got talent show is more fun but not as good as American Idol

america got talent show not as good as american idol

Last night I got a chance to scroll through all the channels I got on my TV, HD that is :), stumble upon ABC channel I think where they have the two hours show of American got talent. I got to say America Got Talent show sure is more fun, but it’s not as good as American Idol. Probably because American Got talent is kind of a newbie show where at the beginning they will let everyone in to show their talent, still picking the top talents I guess to go to Vegas, but then what’s in Vegas? will their be another pick? not so sure how it work, maybe the concept will be similar as American Idol. I see a lot of copy cat all of the world for these types of shows, I’m not sure where it originate. American reaching it top 3 contestants, and this week will eliminate another contestant leaving American Idol top 2 for season year 2012