Are people still making money online? as a career without a real job

As time goes by, the answer to this question has many changes. My personal opinion on this is that, it’s better to get a real job. A real job is working for someone, making money 8 hours a day and go home, forget everything about what you did that day, no worries, no planning, and repeat the same cycle the next day. However for a thrill seeker or risk taker or want to be rich taker has other ideas.

Let’s take online 10 years ago. A person “shoemoney” something like that make money on google adsense with a big monthly check on hundreds thousands of dollars, and it’s real. Many similar success story like “plentyoffish” and so on, all making money from google adsense. As more and more people noticed the opportunity, and joined! guess what? not too many success a lot of failure, then a lot of scam fraud activities making google adsense to change their term of services and eventually very difficult to make money with google adsense.

Now a day the internet littered with many scam fraud websites, such as the popular HYIP, high yield investment program. Invest $1, get $1 the next day, who wouldn’t want this right? Yeah that’s the key. Those scam fraud website, that’s how they start out, by having a very attractive investment plan, on top of that having a phone # and office address location, and staffs. However it’s all virtual, the phone # can be rented $5 a month, a virtual office physical address $10 a month, domain name registration bank account and everything related are registered under many stolen identity. As a result when the victims found out about the scam, there isn’t much can be done, the authority if engaged they wouldn’t take much time to go further due to the amount of money was loss and business operates online isn’t regulated or can be trace that easily. Unless millions of dollars proven to be scammed or loss by victims.

Most people I talked to, they said one day can make $100 online, but they reinvest or invest somewhere and loss it all. Some make $5 a day but it’s very hard work, sometime 10 hours a day for $5, but at least the $5 is hard cash they keep, didn’t get scammed of anything.

So if we’re looking at a big picture, I would say 1% making $100 a day, 49% making $10 a day, and 50% making nothing to something that really not worth it. The bottom line is, human nature involve greed, once you make that $100, you want to make more, by making more you invest that $100 to double it, gambling! double or nothing, in the end many failed, few succeeded with some luck.

If you still want to make money online. Educate yourself, stay away from too good to be true, stay away from HYIP, stay away from gambling online. Instead, it’s better just to blog, writes anything you like and make money with sponsors or google adsense. Make money buy wholesale and resell. Make money selling the things that you created like art craft, fix broken electronics like cell phones and tablets. Sell your services like fixing computer software issue such as virus and malwares. Create training videos. Basically if you have a hobby, most likely you can turn your hobby into a career sooner or later, although some hobbies don’t generate cash, in fact some need lots of cash 🙂