Are there a possibility that US and UN and Syria and even Al Qaeda team up to defeat the ISIS?

Let’s talk about the possibility of ISIS are planning similar attack to the 9/11, sadly this is no doubt already being planned, the question is not if but more of a when. When will ISIS initiate the attack similar to 9/11 on US soil, it would be more brutal, more deadly than ever in history. ISIS are being known no doubt worst than the AL Qaeda, and it is facts that the Al Qaeda are afraid of the ISIS group as well.

So far this is happening in the Middle East, also the same region where Al Qaeda operates. When people there in that region hears of the ISIS are coming, people would fled, even the authority, security force and military abandoned everything and fled the region as the ISIS moving in. Not even a fight.

I believe that, president Obama made the right choice, not sending any troops until that region security force are willingly enough to take control of their country, as of today they’re not, even though the American military had trained them, but it appears that they’re chicken out. So as a result no military ground support from the US. However there are possibility that US might have some types of negotiation with Syria military temporary join force to defeat the ISIS.

The scary thing also is, some even speculate that Al Qaeda might be better to dealt with than the ISIS. Therefore if this is on the table of discussion then the possibility of another negotiation with the Al Qaeda and UN US to defeat the ISIS. Hey! look! Obama administration negotiated with the Al Qaeda in exchanging prisoners, well 1 for 5 that is, so maybe this was a test to see if US can negotiate with the terrorist. Look like it was a successful negotiation, prisoners were released and who knows what happen afterward, doesn’t matter much. The important thing is now we know we can negotiate with the terrorist Al Qaeda that is, and it’s a good starting point to end blood shed terrorist attack. You scratch my back, I scratch your back. What you want I can provide, and what I want you’re able to fulfill that’s all it’s matter. No more killings, you loss lives, we loss lives, it’s not a win win situation for anyone. So I think negotiation might be good. Although we’ve already known the standard laws high up, no negotiation with the terrorist especially Al Qaeda.

Going back to the ISIS situation. I think this is kind of like a “psychology” type of war. Perhaps the US UN already know ISIS will be attacking and taken over, and knowing that Al Qaeda is very afraid of the ISIS as well, so this would put pressure on the Al Qaeda to take action.