Are you a parents of little kids? things to know that makes sense

I found a post on huffingtonpost news media magazine news paper I guess. This article is interesting, although many things I’ve already done or knew about just like many others. Some not so easy to do, but the rest should be straight forward. However there is one thing that I can’t never really done politely or nicely.

Below sounds easy to do, but let say you’re writing or blogging sometime and your kids came along and ask questions or just want some attention and you think you take your mind off the computers? sure it’s not easy most of the time you’re into the writing that you’re doing, or chatting with someone, or reading something, or some working to be done. It’s not easy, but YOU GOT TO DO IT! which is important? ok see you’re debating giving reasons for ignoring your kids or tell them to go away.

9. Unplug when you’re with your kids.
“When your kid talks to you, PLEASE turn off the cell phone and the computer. You can check email after they go to bed.” — E.K.