Away for 4th of July what about your pets or fish tank who will feed them?

For fish tank, simple answer: go buy Tetra Weekend feeder at your local walmart or pet store. Good luck getting a friend or neighbor or family members to help you feed your fish LOL đŸ™‚ beside they will ask you for a favor later on. Just buy that Tetra Weekend feeder and forget about it, it can feed your fish up to one week, but most people use it for week end Friday to Monday. However assuming you’re out longer, like a month, then I recommend getting an automatic feeder, ensure to test it out first though, then turn it on when you’re away and forget it about it đŸ™‚ assuming you will be back in a month alive and well LOL. Have a good long week end folks 4th of July. I noticed the pet store indicated to feed your fish 4 times a day a little bit at a time, I think that’s crazy!, feeding it once a day I think is good enough. Probably depend on what kind of fish, I got the guppies, basically tetra.

feed fish over the week end when you're away automatically without automatic device

feed fish over the week end when you’re away automatically without automatic device