Battlestar Galactica the ending make me wonder?

Just finished the Battlestar Galactica series on Netflix yesterday, it took us over a month to finished this series with multiple seasons. It’s sad ending, and make me wonder, if this is really true, life repeat again and again and again, with many parallel world and universe who knows what’s out there and what really going on. Most if not people on Earth now are just doing their day to day business, whether they’re gangster killing robbing people, children playing, grandma grandpa retiring, or a doctor help save lives, whatever … what will happen when these folks died? what will happen to world if indeed there will be a massive wiped out of human kind whoever is on earth, only those that are lucky enough to escape to a spaceship that left earth and looking for another earth? These are so call science fiction movies, but it just makes me wonder LOL 🙂 Happy Friday everyone!