BFL finally starts shipping its Bitcoin miner anyone still interested?

BFL Butterfly Lab just released its news earlier today, indicating that they started shipping BFL Monard Bitcoin miner using a lot less power than any other Bitcoin miner out there. 700GH/s appears to be using about 480watts which is pretty good, but other newer miners released lately don’t do bad either, especially with the October batch of the Spoontech.

The real question is, how many people out there are looking for profit on Bitcoin mining? The difficulty level of mining getting harder and harder each day, and the price of Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere higher, in fact the value of Bitcoin dropped from stable 600 down to 500 and holding, could be worst. How is people going to profit? well the answer appears to be, they don’t profit, mining will be just for for fun, as a hobby, no money to be made.

Basically if you have $1000 or $2000 and planning to get 700GH/s 2000GH/s miners? Don’t, just use your money to buy Bitcoin directly. You will have more fun buying Bitcoin directly, less stress, and profitable. Oppose to mining, you would have pay for electricity, keep it running 24/7 and so on, in addition to the most important point of all, you will not ever get the same amount of Bitcoin vs. buying Bitcoin directly with the amount of investment.

BFL butterfly lab started shipping 700gh/s monarch but no one is buying them it's a loss

BFL butterfly lab started shipping 700gh/s monarch but no one is buying them it’s a loss

Great news! Butterfly Labs is Shipping Monarch Bitcoin Miners
Monarchs run at 700 GH/S with a power efficiency among the best in the industry at 0.70 W/GH. As a reward for our customers’ patience and loyalty, we are adjusting hashing power for existing orders in the queue to $1.97/GH (for 700 GH, effectively $1,379). Shortly before a customer’s order is ready to ship, they will receive details about their individual options.

Those who have closely followed the Monarch development will notice that the 700 GH comes in above the 600 GH performance specification we originally mentioned, but below the 1TH/s level we are aiming to achieve based on the strength of the underlying ASIC chip. While we have achieved much higher speeds on test boards, our engineers are still working toward a board solution that will deliver higher speeds within the power consumption, and the temperature range required.

Below is an image of the Monarch unit that we have been shipping, which includes a free sled to make it easier for customers to deploy multiple cards outside of a computer. (Please note the form factor change with water cooling instead of air cooling)

Customers who purchased Cloud Mining (Mining by the GH) can choose to receive an extra 1 GH for every 1 GH originally ordered.

Click here for more information about these offers.

Please watch your inbox for an email explaining how to take advantage of the new options.

Thank you for being patient and for being a loyal Butterfly Labs customer.