Biggest scam on ebay sad story for man loss £300 or $460 (USD)

By now you would have probably heard a story about a man from Europe, Britain probably, won an auction for an Apple MAC Book for $460. Then what he got was just a box with a black and white picture of the Mac Book. A very cruel game, cruel scam for this man.

The story goes, he sold his surf board to buy this Mac Book for wedding picture business, start up, since his health no longer permit him to surf anymore due to illness and numerous times in and out of hospital. He did some research on the sellers as well, seeing that he had been an ebay members for numerous years but probably didn’t check the rating or feedback.

Well folks, I can assure you that Ebay will refund this man 100%, don’t you worry, because I am one of Ebay members doing great business on ebay. I can also assure you that investigation will be get launched and if indeed a scammer seller, most likely he will get his money frozen in paypal or somehow paypal will get the money.

The bottom line is, Ebay is a big business, they have big team of fraud detection and will investigate and take appropriate action. For seller and buyers there are protection. You just have follow Ebay guideline in order to qualified. What’s obvious about this particular item is I’m sure if the seller shipped with tracking # and the package have weight recorded and if the weight don’t add up to be a laptop then it’s obvious case seller is a scam artist.