Bitcoin BTC mining difficulty level rise to 112,628,548.666 previously at 86MIL

Are you out yet? Even with BFL Jalapeno and Singles, you are not making any money. If you have a jalapeno, you would be making $86 a month based on today’s BTC price, and that $86 not even enough to pay for the original cost of this device, it would take you 6 months or more to pay it off then profit, but by then the difficulty level will be even higher so it could take you more than a year to recover your cost of the jalapeno, even with Singles BFL as level difficulty there is no way you can profit right away getting one today, those back orders folks should think about cancelling for upgrade but that will cost you additional four thousand if you even have that amount of money to get the 600GH/s.

You must be an idiot of you still mine Bitcoin with GPU LOL sorry, but it’s the truth. You must crazy or ignorant. Anyhow, bottom line, Bitcoin mining no longer profitable with GPU, USB Eruptor, BFL Jalapeno and Singles, or any hardware devices that cannot produce at least 60GH/S today is a loss, you will not be able to recover your cost let alone making any profit. So do your homework on your next Bitcoin miner purchase, think about the BTC price, the difficulty level, the back order delivery estimate. In everything, most likely it’s best to be the first one in and get out quickly just to be safe, in case, buy the highest GH/S miner and then mine right away for several months then sell it with value still high and then go for the next hardware but ensure to get in as quick as possible.

GPU Litecoin is not really possible now either, so watch for that.