Bitcoin hit $300 today but didn’t last long

With positive news over the past few days helped Bitcoin up back to $300, but didn’t last long. However the good news is it’s still on the positive side.

If anyone purchased Bitcoin a few days ago at $200 a pop, they would have profit $100 per pop today when it got to $300. Talking about volatility huh? 🙂 that’s Bitcoin for you, it could $1000 one day and could 1 cent another day, for now. Eventually it will get better and not as much volatile.

Bitcoin can only go up in long term because there are limited # of Bitcoin available, and probably a lot already been loss due to data storage destroyed without a backup. Hackers hacking Bitcoin is a different story, they would sell it or have it in their possession in which they can cash it anytime.

Based on data averaging of people’s prediction on Bitcoin price, in three years Bitcoin should be at or > $1000 in three years. I think this is realistic and possible.

Lastly, be careful of SCAM, people are taking advantage of Bitcoin and operates many scam on the internet. Be vigilant, stay away from too good to be true, stay away from HYIP concepts, stay away from unknown business lack of background check.