Bitcoin miner price are going down so is the mining difficulty level?

Bitcoin mining equipment price are going down fast. You can get a 5th/s for as low as $2500 (usd). However the Bitcoin mining difficulty level still remains consistenly flat-line. The mining difficulty level isn’t going up or down.

Are there anyone still mining Bitcoin with GPU? probably not. With asic? yes may some home mining with free electricity or free equiments.

Bitcoin mining difficulty level 2015 prediction

Bitcoin mining difficulty level 2015 prediction

I think commercial Bitcoin mining are struggling as well. Whatever profit was made in the past year, probably those profit income are being use to pay for electricity and rent. If Bitcoin price don’t go up this year 2015, those commercial mining operation might be dropping off, filing for bankruptcy soon. No way I think those commercial mining will last another year of bitcoin mining if bitcoin price don’t go back up. However some bitcoin mining farm may survives if they have cash on hand as back up, but not going to make it if to mine and sell to cover cost.

Today Bitcoin mining manufacturers struggling to sell their newer mining hardware. While people with old mining hardware still able to sell them on ebay. Those 10gh/s 30gh/s 60gh/s BFL sold pretty quick on ebay if the price is right. In this case $10 $20, buyers don’t mind to spend, simply just want to learn more about Bitcoin so that’s why they’re buying to experiment not to expect any income.