Bitcoin mining difficulty rise to 390,928,787.638 and will keep on rising as more KNCminer shipped

OK folks just in case you missed. Bitcoin mining difficulty rise to 390Mil previously at 267Mil So as you can see the price drop on ASIC in ebay and price and people are selling their asic barely in time cause they know they will not make any money with it, smart move. While new folks getting into mining spent couple thousand and it would take them years to recover that cost, or maybe 10 years, and I’m talking about 60 GH/s Difficulty rise, BTC price dropped, monthly earning from $1k down to $500 down to $1 a month in 3 months or so whoever got a hold of the 60 GH/s BFL for $2000 or so feel sorry for you will not get your ROI back anytime soon. So think hard next time, do your match, the prediction of the next level of difficulty is very accurate and the date is also accurate, so do your match before buying an ASIC miners.