Bitcoin mining tempting?

Yeah, I am, and I’ve been researching and what really motivated me is the current price of Bitcoin, it rised to at the all time high of over $43 per Bitcoin (BTC).

Although I’ve already purchased 2 Radeon HD 7970, 1 7850 and a 30 GH/s Butterfly Lab ASIC system will ship eventually in 6 months I think. The motherboard and 3 video cards I will receive them next week and probably start mining on Friday next week.

I have many questions though could not really find a consistent answer. For the new machine that are being designed to specific mine Bitcoin, why doesn’t the manufacturer use it to mine bitcoin instead of selling it? I figure they will make more money then selling it, I just don’t get it. Once these ASIC system are out shipped and users start using it, what will happen to the 10th thousand dollars GPU rig? since these rig will not be able to keep up with the 30 GH/s for about $600 vs $20,000 GPU 30 GH/s, I’m guessing they can always sell the GPU on ebay and buy the ASIC system. As more people are doing Bitcoin mining and more powerful equipment to do so in the market the level difficulty will become harder and harder, instead of getting 10 coins per day, we would be getting less than 1 for 30 GH/s device.

The last question would be, will the Bitcoin price rise or fall? currently it’s at the all time high of over $43, what will be the price in 6 months, 12 months, a couple years? will Bitcoin stay active forever or will get taken down by the government?